Tips in Creating Logos

If you are in need of an image that best describe your brand, creating the logo is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of things to be considered, you will need to get the story, including the client’s input and your own. I have learned that deciding the outcome is out of your hands. You will need to stay with the client’s request no matter what happens. As a creative developer, I believe that creating and giving a good impression at first start may change your clients mind and follow your vision on how you interpret the story of what you know about the company or organization.


Most modern logos are minimal in design and this is because you want to put these logos everywhere. It’s your brand, you place them on cups, shirts, baseball caps, everywhere. So you want to make them look simple but standing out so it’s easily get noticed.


Typography. It is art in a sense that with just a bunch of letter or phrase put together, it can tell a great story. You will be amazed how artists can come up with interesting designs with just that.


Color gives life and pleasing to the eyes. It is important that we get the right color that symbolizes your brand or company. Every color has a different feel and associations. By choosing the right color, it is vital to your brand to represent its identity.

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