Converting Font Sizes to Browser Fonts

When you develop your web design, you will have to convert from a .PSD (Photoshop) file into an HTML file or browser readable file. Remember that the sizes of the fonts is not the same as the browser size fonts.

According to Sherri Fleming, “the font size conversion visual chart only works for fonts as they appear on the computer screen in a browser window. The font size conversions will not likely translate to print nor translate to other programs as other programs will have their own default font size and thus could (more…)

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Cheap DIY Tutorials for Your Home Studio

When I started out as a photographer, due to the lack of materials and not to mention time to make these things possible, I would have opted to create my own DIY studio equipments instead of buying them from Amazon Store. With hundreds of research to get the best studio lighting, here are a few website that can do just the job you need for your home studio.

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Tips in Creating Logos

If you are in need of an image that best describe your brand, creating the logo is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of things to be considered, you will need to get the story, including the client’s input and your own. I have learned that deciding the outcome is out of your hands. You will need to stay with the client’s request no matter what happens. As a creative developer, I believe that creating and giving a good impression at first start may change your clients mind and follow your vision on how you interpret the story of what you know about the company or organization.


Most modern logos are minimal in design and this is because you want to put these logos everywhere. It’s your brand, you place them on cups, shirts, baseball caps, everywhere. So you want to make them look simple but standing out so it’s easily get noticed.


Typography. It is art in a sense that with just a bunch of letter or phrase put together, it can tell a great story. You will be amazed how artists can come up with interesting designs with just that.

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How to Create Your Own Website

Here is the basic steps in creating your website in the internet. Now, these are just guides for you to have an idea how the website business services works. You can always get help from us if you don’t want to deal with all these information and just get on with it. But for those of you who are interested on what goes behind the scenes, then let’s get to business.

Get a Domain Name

First of all, you need to get a domain name. This domain name will act as your address on the internet. It’s a name of your brand, your house, your domain. You can name it whatever you want to name it as long as nobody owns it before you. You will have to pay a yearly fee in order to register it and gives you the right to use it. To get cheap domain names, I always suggest

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Top 10 Digital CG Artworks of 2010

It has been a great year for digital artists in 2010 with new advanced tools being released, new drawing tablets, more visual effects, what more can a creative artist ask for? Besides all that, the hardwork, dedication, practice and passion can bring a lot to the table to convey what we want through our art.

Right here, we have collected ten of the best digital artworks of 2010 in 2D and 3D for inspiration to your work.

Here are our pick for best digital CG artworks of 2010.

1. The Last Journey by Toni Bratincevic


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